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Suggested Links

Here you'll find some links to various places on the net we've found useful in our smallholding journey. We hope you'll find them useful too.

The Accidental Smallholder 

This site has loads of information about smallholding but for me the forum is the best bit. I think it took my vauge idea of living more in tune with the land and formed it into a dream of smallholding. I was active on the forum for 3 years before finally getting our smallholding. In that time I posted questions about my little veg patch and read people's posts when they were struggling and I even met with other smallholders who invited me onto thier smallholdings. It's a real eye opener into smallholding and the people there are so helpful and kind.  

Fenland Smallholders' Club

This is our local smallholding club. Smallholding clubs are a great support system. We signed up with ours as soon as we got set up. It's been two years now and in that time we've attended group meetings, visited other smallholdings, made friends, got discounted feed and seeds, sourced livestock, found local smallholding sales and I've set up a small interest group within the club. I'm looking forward to seeing what we get from, and can give back, in the next year of membership. 

  Rare Breeds Survival Trust 

The RBST promotes rare British breeds of livestock and tries to conserve them. We keep Castlemilk Moorit sheep and a few different rare breed chickens. We are very keen on supporting our traditional breeds of livestock where we can. 

Castlemilk Moorit Society

Breed societies offer support to keepers and the CMM society is ours. They help with networking to find other owners and stock for hire/sale, advice from more experienced keepers and helping to promote and conserve the breed. 

Farm and Pet Place

This is my go to place for our poultry supplies. Sometimes I find things cheaper other places but for flubenvet pellets it is the cheapest. 

Country Smallholding and Smallholder magazines

Ok so I don't use the websites for these but I do get the magazines. We often get ideas for different things to try. I just have to make sure they don't convince me I need everything from thier advertising sections!


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